New York Times: Daniella Levine Cava will be Miami-Dade County’s first female mayor.

MIAMI — Daniella Levine Cava declared victory on Tuesday in the race for mayor of Miami-Dade County, the second most powerful executive position in the state, after the governor.

Ms. Levine Cava will become the first female mayor of Florida’s most populous county, which operates a $9 billion budget. She is also, notably, the first non-Hispanic mayor elected to the job in 24 years, part of an ongoing shift in local politics long dominated by Cuban-American Republicans.

“This county does believe in compassionate leadership,” Ms. Levine Cava said at an outdoor victory party in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood. “And that we can be a community that takes care of all of its residents.”

Though the mayor’s position is nonpartisan, Ms. Levine Cava, a county commissioner, campaigned as an unabashed Democrat. Her Republican opponent, Esteban Bovo, who goes by Steve and is also a county commissioner, stumped with Senator Marco Rubio. Mr. Bovo conceded to Ms. Levine Cava on Tuesday evening.

Early results showed Ms. Levine Cava defeating Mr. Bovo by about 8 percentage points, similar to the 7-point margin by which Joseph R. Biden Jr. leads President Trump in Miami-Dade — a hugely disappointing result for Democrats in the presidential race.

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