Miami Herald: “Closing wage gap advances women’s rights”

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As a Miami-Dade County commissioner, I help ensure public policy that promotes economic development and prosperity for all of our residents. Like so many communities across the globe, Miami-Dade faces a persistent gender wage gap. This gap will not close for many decades. Our community cannot wait.

Wednesday is Cities for CEDAW Day. CEDAW is the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, now an ordinance in Miami-Dade County.

In December 2016, the Miami-Dade County Commission for Women, along with the commission auditor, helped produce and analyze the first Status of Women in Miami-Dade County report.

The report revealed opportunities for promoting female entrepreneurship, reducing violence against women and bolstering women’s leadership opportunities. Since the report’s release, I have been working to implement recommendations from the Commission for Women.

I am committed to smart public policy and believe our local government should serve as a model for best employment practices. I also realize that we cannot make the needed changes alone.

I call upon our community to join the work of the dynamic groups advancing women’s equality and provide input on how to best address the gender wage gap.

It has been inspiring to work alongside and learn from the Commission for Women, the Women’s Fund, League of Women Voters, Junior League, Miami Workers Center, and Florida Association of Women Lawyers to find the best paths to promote equality.

Together, we can unleash women’s full potential, whether it be in government, business, philanthropy or any sector. Women in our community should be leading the way toward greater prosperity and economic growth. I hope you will join us.



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