Commissioner Daniella: COVID-19 Medical Support Memo

FROM: Honorable Daniella Levine Cava, Commissioner, District 8

TO: Honorable Carlos A. Gimenez Mayor

DATE: March 16, 2020

With the Emergency Operations Center at Level 2, I am repeating the request from my March 10th memo to engage in regular briefings with the Board of County Commissioners as we do during a hurricane activation.

Additionally, the only way to ensure that we’re truly addressing the true scope of this health emergency is to first have good data. That means significantly increasing screening of the public for exposure to the novel coronavirus. Governor Ron DeSantis has engaged the National Guard to assist Broward’s Public Hospital system to initiate drive-up testing.

The movement of people between Broward and Miami-Dade is the subject of every local news traffic report. Now that we are confronting community spread in South Florida with cases in both Counties, it is even more critical that Miami-Dade also offer drive-up testing as soon as possible.

Due to the delays in response from the Federal government that have led to the same pattern of infection and community spread witnessed in Europe, I am concerned that our hospital capacity could be overwhelmed if we cannot “flatten the curve” and delay the rate of spread of the novel coronavirus. Flattening the curve of infection rate is critical to maintaining our capacity to provide life-saving care to our large population of residents vulnerable to this disease. Our emergency operations public health emergencies plan includes contingencies for providing County land and temporary housing for quarantine/isolation purposes. In-home isolation is not practical in many apartment and congregate living settings. I would like to know what preparations are being made and how we might help in identifying locations for temporary shelter.

Click here to read the original memo.

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