Miami Herald: “Paris Accord”

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I am disappointed, but not surprised that President Trump would seek to dismantle the historic Paris Climate Accord.

Even in the face of near universal consensus from climate scientists and world leaders from nearly every country in the world, the president has decided that the United States of America will abdicate its position as the leader of the free world on the development of cutting edge technology and no longer lead the world on innovation and science-based solutions.

I am hoping that the Florida Congressional Delegation and our State legislature will not allow our State to be the most visible victim of this irresponsible decision — a decision that puts our great nation in league with Syria and Nicaragua as the only countries refusing to sign the treaty. And Nicaragua is reportedly soon planning to sign.

As local governments are forced to confront the impacts of sea level rise and a resurgence of backward policies that glorify the wasteful dependence on dirty fossil energy, Miami-Dade and our Climate Compact Partners of Monroe, Broward, and Palm Beach will hopefully double-down on all of the efforts we that have already undertaken to foster innovative, job-creating, green-tech solutions to this worsening problem.

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