Miami Herald, Letter: Miami-Dade’s water is safe to drink – let’s keep it that way

We have the good fortune to be able to take clean drinking water for granted in Miami-Dade County. Turn on the tap, and clean, safe water flows.

But we shouldn’t take it for granted — Miami-Dade gets nearly all of its drinking water from an aquifer only a couple feet below the ground. The aquifer is threatened by pollution from countless potential sources.

The county’s environmental watchdogs at Department of Environmental Resources Management, who work around the clock to protect our aquifer from contamination, and the great public servants at our Water and Sewer Department, who take immense pride in delivering clean drinking water to all of us, certainly don’t take our access to clean drinking water for granted.

Imagine what a day without water at our hospitals, farms, hotels, restaurants, and of course, our homes would be like.

I have been critical of the political decisions that have led to chronic under-investment in our water and sewer infrastructure. I have been frustrated by the regularity of reports of pipe and pump failures and beach closures due to dirty water.

We must step up and accelerate the replacement of old infrastructure, continue to work to improve system performance, and plan for a future where our water supply is stressed by sea level rise.

Wednesday, Oct. 23 is “Imagine a Day Without Water”. On this day, I salute the hard work and vigilance of the many professionals who make sure that we never go a day without it.

Daniella Levine Cava,


Miami-Dade County

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