Commissioner Daniella: COVID-19 Updates Memo

FROM: Honorable Daniella Levine Cava, Commissioner, District 8

TO: Mayor Carlos Gimenez

DATE: March 10, 2020

The impact our community is seeing from the growing health crisis posed by COVID-19 now extends to the private sector and our economy. The stock market is bracing for mounting worries and economic metrics are showing great stresses that have not been felt since post-September 11th.

As we bring stakeholders together who are providing essential information on how best to address the public health challenge the Coronavirus poses to our community, we need to ensure we hear from business leaders and tourism executives to properly address the likely short term economic challenges we will confront over the next two to six months. We know that Miami-Dade’s economy is in large part driven by tourism and the new threats the Coronavirus presents worldwide will have an acute impact on our local economy.

Therefore, I would request the following information be provided to my colleagues and I, so we have current and ongoing information on key metrics to ensure we tackle this challenge from all sides.

  1. Major event or conference cancellations.
  2. Hotel occupancy cancellations or projected disruption to hotels.
  3. Updates on airline travel into Miami-Dade.
  4. Economic impacts from the cruise industry in our local economy.
  5. Projected revenue impacts to the County budget.
  6. Updated projections to County budget reserves.
  7. State and federal assistance programs for businesses impacted by health crisis.

I also believe that we should convene a standing briefing with your office and the Board of County Commissioners to ensure we have regular and ongoing information being shared with us and the community. I trust you would agree that the best tool to confront the challenges ahead is to have a strong coordinated and unified front.

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